Malvina Gili & Sebastian Zanchez

Sebastian Zanchez and Malvina Gili have been a dancing couple for over 15 years.

Sebastian studied at I.U.N.A (National Institute of Art) and Malvina in the University of Tango.

During their path they were part of the cast of many tango houses. They worked over two years in TV with prominent tango figures such as Alberto Podesta, Nelly Omar, Abel Cordoba, Hugo Marcel, Guillermo Fernandez, and big orchestras like ‘’Orquesta de Tango de la Ciudad’’ under the direction of Raul Garello and ‘’Sexteto Mayor’’.

They were jury members in the 2010 Medellin – Colombia Tango Festival, also part of the World Tango Championship in 2013 and have worked as artists in the ‘’Ciudad de Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial de Tango’’ through the company Tempotango.

Their commitment to the Argentinian FOLK dance enabled them to perform with big Argentinian artists, such as, Chango Nieto, Tamara Castro, among others, making them part of the top Folklore festivals (Cosquin, Villa Maria, etc). For many years they have been responsible for bringing the Argentinian Folkloric Dances all around the world, organizing different workshops and spreading their knowledge about Argentinean traditional dances.

They worked as professors in the Cultural department of the Medical University of Buenos Aires and in the Cultural Ministry for the Buenos Aires Government.  As dancers they were part of the established cast of two companies: ‘’Tango desire’’ and ‘’ Tempotango’’ with whom they have traveled to several countries such as China, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, among others. For the past five years they’ve been in charge of teaching tango in Italy in the schools: Tango Club Cremona (in Lodi, Brescia, Cremona), Firenze Tango (Fiorenzuola) and La Mariposa (Milano).

Sebastian and Malvina live most of their time in Italy and were awarded at the Dancing Championship of Buenos Aires and at the Buenos Aires Tango Worldwide Championship in 2013.