Julieta Biscione & Roberto Castillo

Roberto began studying tango in 1996 when he was 12 years old. On 1999 he starts teaching and 8 years later, in 2004, he was graduated at (ACETA) Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino where most of the tango dancers of the current generation were trained by the most important Milongueros and Choreographers.

In 2003, 2004 and 2005 he got the 3rd place consecutively at The World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires.

Julieta began her studying in ballet when she was 6 years old, developing her technique of Classical Dance, Contemporary dance and Modern Jazz by very important teachers.

Then, when she was 15 years old start studying Tango. She was part of the casts of The Musical “Tanguera”, performing in most prestigious Theaters of Buenos Aires.

They started dancing together in 2005.

During these 14 years they have built their own Tango style, developing their Tango Stage and Salon by some of the top teachers and Choreographers of Tango Argentino.

They were members of the Tango Emotion Company and Leonardo Cuello Company.

They have been part of the cast of the most important Tango shows in Buenos Aires like: ”Sin Pecado Concebido”, “Forbidden Tango”, ”Grotesca Pasión Trasnochada”, ”Vamos al Tango”, “Magia Tango y Vino” “Tanguera”, “Tango Emotion”, “Fueye”, ¨Esquina Homero Manzi¨ ¨La Ventana¨, “Complejo tango”, “Piazzolla Tango”, “Café de los Angelitos”, “Gala Tango”, “Chiquín Tango”, “Madero Tango”.

Currently they integrate the “No Bailaras Company” and “Tango Desire Company” being part of Tours in Europe, Asia and South America.

They have been performing at important Theatres and Tango Festivals, in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, South Korea, China, Philippines, Turkey, Pakistan, Qatar, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, England, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and United States.

In the last 10 years they have developed the Tango in Southeast Asia, performing and working with the Argentinean Embassies in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, conducting workshops, performances and being part of the most important events and Festivals in the Region.

Since January 2019 they are the organizers of Bangkok Tango Marathon expecting a second edition in January 2020.