Julieta Qüesta & Raúl Choque

Julieta Qüesta and Rauli Choque, Tango Argentino masters and dancers.
Having reached outstanding success individually first, they met in Córdoba, Argentina, back in 2008.
In 2011 they performed in a show for the first time together, and since then they became dance partners, teaching seminars,
classes, workshops and performing in different cities in Argentina and around the world.
With a style which embraces elegance, musicality, and the original sources of the Traditional Tango, they have won different contests and prizes in their career:
• Champions in La Falda, Córdoba , Argentina 2012
• Champions in “Floreal Milonga”, Buenos Aires, Argentina  2013
• First runners up in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship 2013
• Champions in Milonga de los Zuccas, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2014
• Finalists of Tango World Championship, Buenos Aires Argentina, 2014, 2015, 2016.
• In 2015 they were chosen to be part of ENTA program (National Space of Argentine Tango), were they received a distinguished formation from more than twenty masters of Tango and Milonga.
• They also participated in the company Alcurnia Tanguera from Juan Pablo Bellina, were they performed choreographies by Francisco Forquera and Leandro Oliver, in the Metropolitan theatre in Buenos Aires.
• Since 2016 they have been participating as masters and dancers in Le Temps du Tango one of the most traditional Tango Festival in France.
In Argentina they have performed in shows and taught seminars in several cities such as: Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, La Plata, Santa Fe, Las Grutas, Esquel, El Calafate, Viedma, and Carmen de Patagones.
Same case worldwide where they worked in cities like  Istanbul, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Geneva, Turin, Helsinki, Liege, Kaunas, among others, and recently in Kuwait.
In their classes they put emphasis on the importance of the embrace, on the connection between the dancers and on every single detail that makes Tango Dance one of a kind.