Tango Argentino in Kuwait was born back in 2011 when a group of people of different nationalities decided to get together to learn tango. 

The first person to open enthusiastically the doors of her house for that matter was Mrs. Marivie Viola from Philippines, who already had taken some classes abroad in some tango festivals around the world.


After some months, under the patronage of the Embassy of Argentina to the State of Kuwait, and its Ambassador back then H.E.  Jorge Biga, Mrs. Laura Pereyra took over as organizer, bringing the very first couple of Argentinian instructors, Oscar Gauna and Cecilia Diaz to teach a one month tango seminar.

Oscar and Cecilia came back for a second seminar after some months, and since then continued to return until now.

As the tango community continued to grow, more instructors were needed, and the need for more workshops and seminars during the year; in this way Fernanda Grosso and Alejandro Ferreyra joined the staff in 2013. Aftter them, Malvina Gili and Sebastián Zanchez in 2014, Ayelén Sancehz and Walter Suquía, and Laila Rezk and Leandro Oliver in 2015. 

In 2018 Ambassador changed and the current one H.E. Claudia Zampieri decided to continue to support this project. In 2019 there were added two new amazing couples to the staff of instructors: Julieta Biscione and Roberto Castillo, and Julieta Questa and Rauli Choque.

During all these years and with this excellent group of professionals, and with no tango at all in the beginning, a community full of great people from everywhere, who enjoy and love to learn to dance the art and magic of tango, was born and continued to grow up to these days. This community is the main reason to keep Tango Argentino in Kuwait trying to improve and to learn every day from each and every one of them.

Now, starting a new academic year we decided to polish our image and bring new things to the Tango Community in Kuwait, starting with the creation of this web page to make it easy to find info and news, as well as stories and other tango stuff.

A new member, Leandro Córdoba, has been added to the organization, helping us with design and art for the web page and distribution flyers as well with the new logo.