Fernanda Grosso & Alejandro Ferreyra

Fernanda Grosso and Alejandro Ferreyra have been a dancing couple for over 10 years.

They started their Tango career separately in 2002 and after years of studying with the most emblematic masters and milongueros, performing in Buenos Aires and Internationally with EV Tango Company, they joined paths in 2007. Since then, they have worked together in several well-known tango houses, international events, milonga exhibitions, and as stable choreographers and teachers in “El Zanjón de Granados”, historical venue in San Telmo, Bs. As.

Nowadays they are the choreographers and directors of the renowned international group: Tango Desire Company.

They have an extensive career performing in Buenos Aires and other Argentinean cities.

Since 2006 they have been travelling the world with Tango Desire Company show, and as a couple they’ve been giving workshops and performing in Tango Festivals, also working as teachers and juries. Some of the countries they’ve worked at are: France, England, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, China, Turkey, Italy, Chile, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Qatar, Spain, India, Spain, among others.

They have performed with emblematic figures of Argentinean Tango music such as:

Alberto Podesta, Sexteto Mayor, Raúl Lavie, Rubén Juarez, Adriana Varela, Ultratango, and Tango Bardo.

As the most relevant performances in Buenos Aires we can highlight: The opening of

the “Woman’s bridge” (Puente de la Mujer) in Puerto Madero for over 5 thousand

spectators and the show for the U.N. (United Nations) in 9 de Julio Avenue.

They were winners of the Stage tango competition on 2011 and Salon Tango in 2014, in

the North Zone of Buenos Aires.

For their achievements as artists they had been interviewed and invited to dance at

several international Tv shows, Radio and newspapers.

Artistically Fernanda and Alejandro present themselves as traditional tango dancers, whose main goal is to always keep the essence of  the Argentinean tango, the elegance and the connection of the embrace.