Cecilia Díaz & Oscar Gauna

Argentinean teachers and dancers Cecilia Díaz and Oscar Gauna reside in Cuneo, Italy, since February 2013, with an artistic and educational career of more than two decades. They danced Argentine folk and tango throughout Argentina and most of South America, as well as in Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, France and Italy. For 10 years they have been part of several dance companies and shows. With their company, Opus Tango, they toured from 2007 to 2010 within Argentina and abroad. They have studied with important Argentine masters, such as Antonio Todaro, Nelson Ávila, Roberto Herrera, Corina de la Rosa, Julio Balmaceda, Chicho Frumboli, Leonardo Cuello, Rosa and Carlos Pérez; they have also done training courses with Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez. All of this academic and artistic training combined with professional experience, have allowed them to acquire a precise teaching method and competence as both things: teachers and choreographers. 

They are:

  • Founding Members and Teachers of the Tango Association of Buenos Aires in Cuneo; they also work in collaboration with the Soltango in Alba Association, Italy, and with Tango Argentino in Kuwait School associated with the Embassy of Argentina in Kuwait.
  • Jurors of the Metropolitan Tango Championship since 2016 (Piemonte Region). 
  • Organizers and Teachers of Tango Cruise 2018 (Mediterranean coast). 
  • Organizers of the Cuneo Tango Festival.
  • Teachers from various schools and festivals in Italy such as the Padova Tango Festival, Torino Anima Tango, Taurinensis Marathon de Tango, Firenze Tango Club, Aldobaraldo, Milonga de Pedro.
  • Co-organizers of “Juntos Somos Mas” for the events “Staffetta Tanghera”, “A tango for liberation” and “Estate Tango” since 2014.